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Mix 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil per 1 cup of water. Spray onto the surface with mold or Mildew & allow to dry, do not rinse. This will kill the mold spores without creating harsh chemical fumes as other cleaners, such as bleach, would.

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Best Ultrasonic Oil Diffusers: Essential Oils at Home

The Premium Starter Kit ships with a diffuser, but is the Young Living diffuser is the best essential oils diffuser to use?


I love the Cool Mint tooth paste. Since I work from home I don’t have a subsidized dental plan. The last time I was at my dentist he asked me where else I was going to get my teeth cleaned. He said there was virtually no plaque in my mouth and they looked as if they had been clean within a week. He said there’s no point in cleaning them and to come back in 6 months. Good news for me and it saved me $220! C hanging Stores - Changes Everything