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Megyn Kelly Family

from the Guardian

The Ohio governor John Kasich, one of the more moderate voices in the 17-strong field, offered this: “You don’t tear people down just because they disagree with you or stand up to you or question you,” he said. “I deliberately seek out different views in my life and work, and I am grateful for the strong women in my family, in my office, in my cabinet and in my campaign because they improve everything they touch.”


Megyn Kelly revealed that she was sick on the day of the first Republican presidential debate and had a vomit bucket by her side at the event

Meriam Ibrahim gave her first major news interview to Megan Kelly of Fox News -- so, so happy for this happy ending for her and her family!!!!!

from Mail Online

Speaking up: Bill O'Reilly says in a new interview that it was not his place to protect Megyn Kelly from attacks by Donald Trump over the past year (pair above in 2014 at Most Powerful People in Media event)

from Fox News Insider

Following TLC's cancelation of Kids and Counting," Megyn Kelly looks at how the Duggars are dealing with the cancelation, new anger from the left and a possible civil lawsuit that could change everything.