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Hey I'm a sloth-Want to come and hang with me-I don't move fast I'm real laid back-And I love just being free-If you want to hang with me you'll have to meet me half way-If you have an A type personality-I'll just have to say no way-Look at me I'm a fun loving spirit-And the A types are so stressed out-So you can see if that's the case-Our friendship will never work out.

from BuzzFeed

Meet The Woman Who Lives With 200 Sloths

And this is one of her housemates. | Meet The Woman Who Lives With 200 Sloths

from BuzzFeed

Meet Lunita, The Cutest Baby Sloth On Planet Earth

And also meaning that her face always looks like it has a sweet little smile on it.

from Stylist Magazine

Baby sloth gets dressed in a onesie

Baby Sloths in Onesies. There are no words for this level of cuteness.


For more cute sloth content from the 'Spielberg of sloth movies' and author of 'A Little Book of Sloth' visit Music: "Scrapping and Yelling" by Mark Mothersbaugh from "The Royal Tenenbaum's" movie soundtrack.

from All Things Sloth

Facts About Sloths

Pi would have known all of this stuff, because he did a study on sloths while studying zoology in Canada.