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The best hashtags for bloggers + business owners

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Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Get Unstuck

Keep this #writing worksheet to hand for when you get STUCK >> #amwriting #nanowrimo

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10 Beautiful Towns You Should Visit in Norway

10 Beautiful Towns You Should Visit in Norway - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Home Blog

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WRITING PROMPT: You are heir to the throne, prince(ss) of a medium sized nation of this world. Your parents died too early and everyone is ready to exploit your inexperience, your enemies are ready to tear the kingdom apart, your advisers ready to use you as a puppet. It's time to establish dominance.

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How to set up a business Facebook page

Facebook is one of the best marketing tools out there for small businesses. It's ability to target your ideal customers, build relationships with customers and have two-way conversations makes it THE social media platform to consider for promoting your business. Today's post is for the real beginners, to help you get a business page set up to start promoting your brand. STEP ONE First of all I recommend setting up a business page from your personal profile rather than creating a…

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Tips For Getting Lots Of Lovely Traffic To Your Blog

Tips For Getting Lots Of Lovely Traffic To Your Blog

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(good advice) Blogging Tips: What I Wish I Would’ve Known When I Started Blogging #technology

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Fighting (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Creative Writing Worksheet – Fighting (PDF) Conflict is great for the plot in general, but nothing’s better than a good fight scene to increase tension and provide the perfect opportunity for a try/fail cycle. This worksheet will help you brainstorm some ideas for your fight scene, whether it’s verbal, physical or something in between. >…

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