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Mediterranean Watering And Irrigation

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Housing Industry

Runnels — the technical term for narrow channels used to move water from one place to another — were once used for irrigation purposes and as rudimentary drainage systems, but they make intriguing landscape elements on their own. Click on pin for Pinterest tips for the housing industry.


Euphorbia characias subsp. 'wulfenii'- architectural plant, lime green spring flowers, evergreen foliage, good with the Cistus and phlomis


<p>Olive trees grow all over the San Fernando Valley. Native to the Mediterranean, missionaries planted them here in the 1800s. By now, they’ve virtually gone native, and some have gone wild. I’ve harvested and cured black Mission Olives growing in a dusty field, without the aid of irrigated watering. Olives …</p>

4 tips for reducing water usage: Plants should be watered early in the morning for minimal evaporation. Set a timer for 5 - 8 am. More specialized irrigation systems that directly respond to local environmental data. We suggest the Solar Sync system by Hunter. Drip irrigation is the most efficient water conserving method and can be used with excellent results for plants and shrubs with low to moderate water requirements.


An excerpt from a TakePart feature on the perilous future faced by Alexandria, one of the world's great historical cities, by Peter Schwartzstein: Until 1993, the Mediterranean was rising by 1.8 millimeters per year on average, according to Egypt's Ministry of Water Resoucres and Irrigation, before …

Littoral. Syllabification: lit·to·ral. Pronunciation: litərəl. adjective: littoral. Definition: 1. of, relating to, or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake. "the littoral states of the Indian Ocean"…