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Mediterranean Mixed Media Art

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Unique Christmas Gift - House Blessings - Hearts - Pebbles Art - Beach Heart Stones - Unique Wall Decoration Stones - Medbeachstones - L6

Unique Wall Decor made of actual genuine beach pebbles - Love on the Rocks What you see is what you het Ready to ship. Gift wrapped Ready to hang Size: ~14 * ~ 8 inches / / 35 * 20 cm Colors: turquoise and gold This is a mixed media work -acrylic on canvas, and genuine heart shaped beach rocks glued to it. The rocks were found on the shore of the Mediterranean sea in Israel. They are 100% natural. their color is beige / grey . This is a great gift for wedding A beautiful ...

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Top 18 DIY Wall Photo Decor Ideas

Idea: cut stencil in cardboard, cut out shapes from magazine pages, create collage! OR do a fun background with watercolor, make a stencil and cut out shape from portions of old discarded watercolor paintings, and arrange on background and glue in place!


Pinks and Reds - mixed media art by Gill Tomlinson - inspired by Greece & the Mediterranean😎

"Santorini" Limited Edition Silkscreen Print by Lu West. "The Greek Island of Santorini is one of the most beautiful places on earth. White washed houses and blue-domed churches cling to dramatic cliffs with the deep blue sea below."