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Blue and white used in both the artwork and soft furnishings make for a fresh, comfortable living room as featured in Weranda magazine


Acrylic paint is effective in showing off the colour of buildings as it is extremely pigmented and vibrant.


Inside Miro's Studio, Mallorca / I could only dream. Ange A studio needs to have three key elements for me space, light and storage. But be very simple


Swimming Dolphins Blue Ocean Wallsculpture Whale Art Marine Gift

A pair of bottle nosed dolphins. 12x6 inches This piece is another that was probably influenced by the reproduction work I create for the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. It has a bit of an ancient Mediterranean artwork look and feel to it. I started by making an original sculpture in soft oil based clay. I made a mold in rubber of this original , and into this mold I pour hydrostone plaster.The editions that I cast from this mold are then hand painted on the damp plaster by me. For this…

A really freakin cool/beautiful ceiling Italian Ornamental Ceiling Mural - mediterranean - artwork - san francisco - Lynne Rutter Murals and Decorative Painting


Nautical Ceramic Octopus Candelabra by Shayne Greco Beautiful Shabby Chic Mediterranean Sculpture Pottery

Ceramic Octopus Candelabra by Shayne Greco. Size measures aprx The glazes used are lead free. Artwork is completely hand built. Please feel