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Navigating by the Stars II: The Sun and Moon


With this tutorial you will learn how to build a Medicine Wheel in a sacred manner. Purchase at


starseeds.net701 x 785 · jpegNative American Medicine Wheel Meaning So it is a symbolic map or chart that could be carried about and set ... Medicine wheels, or sacred hoops, are either a symbol of indigenous North American culture and religion, or stone monuments related to this


The medicine wheel has been used by aboriginal cultures in North and South America for 10,000 years. It is a symbol of the circle of life, used to bring balance to one’s life. The circle of the Anishinaabe medicine wheel is continuous, with no beginning and no end. Everything in life is sacred – the earth, animals, plants … everything affects one another. The four colours of the medicine wheel are spirits. Each one is associated with a life stage.