OCT 10 1942 Auschwitz – Dr Kremer indulges his medical curiosity - See more at: http://ww2today.com/10th-october-1942-auschwitz-dr-kremer-indulges-his-medical curiousity. KZ Auschwitz, Einfahrt

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A private cabinet of curiosities. Items include from top left, red coral, venus flower basket, macaw skull, Tibetan shrine, lens condenser, spiny shell, chinese ink case, sea bird skull, microscope and miniature book, Thai Buddhist idol, ostrich skull, starving Budda figure and handaxe, medical specimen skull, plaster brain model, chinese compass clock, Tasli Russian devil, giant barnacles, preserved fish, mammoth tooth, carved dragon.

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1881 Ceinture de chasteté

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Poison is a reoccurring object resulting in death. It first killed King Hamlet in order for Claudius to gain his power as king. Claudius's plan to kill Hamlet also dealt with a poisonous sword and poisoned wine. It eventually backfired on him killing Gertrude and Laertes.

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Famous for his extremely malformed skeleton and skin, Joseph Merrick -- perhaps better known as the "Elephant Man" -- remains a medical curiosity, even 120 years after his death. Learn about Joseph Merrick's life and deformities in these videos.

Medical Curiosity Siamese SKeleton Twins PINK Statement Necklace creepy horror neovictorian urban antique retro skull via Etsy

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Real human skull with polished metal teeth and custom brass stand for sale www.MuseumOddities.com macabre oddities obscura oddity antique medical darkart skeleton curiosity cabinet lobotomy skulls osteology anatomy anatomical pathology

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Unused 20 Ml Syringe, Medical Oddities, Doctor Office, Pharmacy Gift, Surgery Tools, Apothecary Theme, Anatomy Décor, Medical Curiosity

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