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Curing with cocaine: The bizarre Victorian drug-laden 'remedies' for coughs, cancer and liver disease

An advert from 1912 claiming to offer treatment for female diseases and piles, which consisted mainly of cocoa butter

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Cocaine tooth drops, morphine teething syrup and other Victorian quack cures

An advertisement for an anti-fat remedy, patented by the Botanic Medicine Company, Buffalo, New York, in 1878 Picture: SPL / Barcroft Media

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Aspirin & Heroin --- Check out RXinsider's 20Ways publications for more contemporary products & services supporting the pharmacy market. ---

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Cure for Drunks

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The Harmful Effects of Cocaine Poster explains the long-term harmful effects cocaine has on the human body. It provides detailed anatomical illustrations to show the damage cocaine can have on vital organs, such as brain damage, nose deformity and skin sores. This poster is a great tool designed to education people of the effects of cocaine.

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