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Great article on difference between Medicare & Medicaid. Do you know the difference? #medicare #medicaid


~ Bernie Sanders. "When you pay at Wal-Mart starvation wages and you don't provide benefits, who picks up the difference? The answer is that many of the workers in WalMart end up getting Medicaid, they get food stamps... If that is not obscene, I don't know what is!


Medicare made easy! Repinned by your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.


As predicted by other states’ bad experiences, Gov. Terry Branstad’s decision to privatize Iowa’s Medicaid program has run into serious problems.

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Congressman Yarmuth calls Gov. Bevin's Medicaid proposal a 'devious' attempt to end expansion

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And it's not only dead people receiving Medicaid checks, but also medical equipment companies and hospitals that are jacking up prices. I've seen with my own eyes a hospital bill of $150 for a walker that you can buy at Walmart for under $50. Eliminate gov't. welfare! SEE:

All Americans deserve health insurance. Those living in poverty and the working poor could all have health care, unless Republicans refused the Medicaid expansion funding. REMEMBER TO VOTE!!!


President has continued doing the best for America despite all of the republican obstruction...