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Median absolute deviation

Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) can turn even the biggest math lovers into frustrated students without guidance. This topic is relatively new to the 6th Grade curriculum, so it can seem really daunting to teach as well! This free download gives step by step instructions (with examples) to make this math concept easier for you and your students!


Oreo Stacking Contest for Mean, Median, Mode Lesson!

Mean, Median, Mode, Range activity with Skittles! This activity is great fun because they collect their own data, then collect their partner's data, combine group data, and do it all again. In other words, they are doing A LOT of mean, median, mode, and range practice with this activity! They enjoyed using their mini anchor charts as cheat sheets while they worked, too.


Use this worksheet as a guide to help students solve Mean Absolute Deviation Problems. I placed the worksheet into plastic slip covers and allowed my students to write on the document using dry erase markers. My students found this tool to be very resourceful! This worksheet allows your students to find the MAD effortlessly...( almost ;) )


Mean Absolute Deviation - Scavenger Hunt (6.SP.2)

Mean Absolute Deviation Scavenger Hunt! Students move through the room solving problems and finding the next card with the corresponding answer.

Mean Absolute Deviation Foldable Note-Taking Guide



Dot Plot Graphing and Worksheet Activity (or Game) from Tiffany Brodsky on - (9 pages) - This is an activity which you can simply print and set in a math center or give as an activity as long as you have taught the mean, median, range, and mean absolute deviation.


Tip of the Day - Calculating Median Absolute Deviation with T-SQL Code in SQL Server