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Apache Scout Nantaje, Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for Action Against Apaches on 12 April 1875. Nantaje holding a M1870 .50-70 rifle with cartridges in his hand. A Smith & Wesson 1st Model American and Bowie knife are on the floor in front of him.


During the 4th to 5th of June 1971, Jon R. Cavaiani, would take action against the enemy with conspicuous gallantry, extraordinary heroism and intrepidity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call of duty in Vietnam, and thereby later presented with the MOH after spending 2 years as a POW.

Medal of Honor: African-American hero recognized decades after brave act by The U.S. Army

Now here's a story! Mary Edwards Walker, 1911. She received the Medal of Honor for her work as a surgeon during the civil war, the only woman to ever get one. In 1917 the Army tightened up the rules for what you had to do/be to get the MoH...and deleted 911 names from the Medal of Honor Roll, inculding her. She kept her medal and wore it till her death. Jimmy Carter restored her medal posthumously.


Hero soldier who fought off brutal Taliban attack is to become only fourth living recipient of Medal of Honor awarded in Afghanistan or Iraq

Living Medal Of Honor winner. Clinton Romesha, 31, of Minot, ND, helped fight off one of the largest and most brutal attacks against U.S. forces in Afghanistan received the Medal of Honor at the White House. President Barack Obama bestowed the medal on Romesha for his ‘courageous actions’ in Afghanistan in 2009 while he was serving as a section leader during combat operations against armed enemy forces. The nation’s highest award for valor for overseas duty in Afghanistan.


Dr. Mary Walker. Amazing woman of the 1800's. A physician when most medical schools did not allow women, when even nursing was not considered a fit occupation for a lady. AND she wore trousers!


The Apache scout Nantaje, receives the Congressional Medal of Honor for action against the Apaches, April 12, 1875. Nantaje holding a M1870 rifle cal 50-70 and cartridges in his hand. A Smith & Wesson American Model 1 and a knife are on the ground before him. At the end of the day, Nantaje and other scouts had helped divert the Indians. 76 of them were killed. Nantaje and other Apache scouts received the Congressional Medal of Honor for this commitment.

Walter Ehlers, Medal of Honor winner, died on February 20, 2014 at the age of 94. He was one of only 12 men to receive a medal for his bravery during the Normandy invasion - and he was the last.