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Mechanistic Structure


Mechanistic Organizational Structure

Though a new company’s small size may not require a strict organization of work and workers, growth demands order. Organizing tasks and employees produces a company structure. ...

Kevin Michel - "What believer of faith among us can claim to understand the exact mechanistic structure...". god, religion, faith, evolution, physics, creationism, quantum-mechanics

Structure of COX-2 inactivated by aspirin.Low-dose Aspirin Goes Beyond COX-1: Exciting New Mechanistic Insights Into Cancer Prevention

S-shaped population growth. A logical deterministic individual-based cellular automata model of single species population dynamics. A classical model of the S-shaped population growth is the Verhulst model. Unfortunately, this model is completely non-mechanistic (black-box) as the internal structure of the complex system and mechanisms remain hidden. Here is a completely mechanistic ‘white-box’ model of the S-shaped population growth.

Roderick MacKinnon, The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003: "for structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels in cell membranes", biochemistry, structural chemistry