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RESERVED Triumphator mechanical calculator from the 40s

Triumphator mechanical calculator from the 40s


Curta mechanical calculators. I'm reading William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition", and these show up.


A Curta mechanical calculator

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L@@k! original odhner 7 rechenmaschine mechanical calculator up from 1923 rare

L K Original Odhner 7 Rechenmaschine Mechanical Calculator Up from 1923 RARE | eBay

Curta calculator (my parents use one)

from Popular Mechanics

The Beautiful Guts of Classic Mechanical Calculators

Photographer Kevin Twomey captures the gears and guts that drove the amazing mechanical calculators of the 1960s.

The "Difference Engine" is a #mechanical #calculator theorized by J. H. Müller in 1786 and realized by Charles Babbage in 1855. (Babbage himself designed analytical engines and mechanical computers.)


Stepped Reckoner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friden Model STW-10 Electro-Mechanical Calculator