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This is a Digitized Sky Survey image of the oldest star. Catalogued as HD 140283, it lies over 190 light-years away. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope was used to narrow the measurement uncertainty on the star's distance, and this helped to refine the calculation of a more precise age of 14.5 billion years (plus or minus 800 million years). - Credit: Digitized Sky Survey (DSS), STScI/AURA, Palomar/Caltech, and UKSTU/AAO

Particles Walk Through Walls While Physicists Watch. Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience senior writer, 'Electrons bound to an atom can sometimes escape, even if they lack the requisite energy, through a phenomenon known as quantum tunneling'.

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Lab: Making Metric Measurements - Volume and Temperature

Lab: Making Metric Measurements - Volume and Temperature. A Science Skills lab for middle school, physical science and chemistry students in grass 8 - 12. This is a very simple lab activity for students who are just beginning to study the metric system and are learning to use lab equipment.