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Among the archaeological riches in Kilmartin Glen is an extraordinary array of prehistoric rock art. It is clear that the potential date range is very long, from around 3500 to around 1000 BC. The Kilmartin Glen rock art, including that at Achnabreck, is likely to be around 5,000 years old.


For those who aren't familiar with Marvel lore outside of the MCU, Red Wing was actually a falcon in the comic books. Comic book Falcon himself could really communicate with birds as well as see what they see. As the Falcon, he had bird-like powers resulting in insane reflexes and powerful instinct. Of course, in the film, Falcon and Red Wing both had to be adapted to fit into the modernity of the MCU.


•°• P a g a n Poetry •°• Witchcraft: It's not about gaining power. It's about knowing how to use the power you already have! #witchcraft #pagan


If its meant to be then it will happen A hope and a curse wrapped up into one. Weve come to believe and subscribe to if-then statements: "If you would just listen then I would stop yelling. Oh yea? Well if you would stop yelling then I would listen. See how that doesnt work? The message we wind up sending is that our behavior our words and possibly the direction our life takes are dependent upon what someone else does or says. We are saying Im not going to do my part if you dont do yours…