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12 grave photos that capture how depression and anxiety can feel.

A photographer took 12 stunning pictures to capture how depression and anxiety can feel.

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Why Is The Sky Blue? Science Experiment For Kids

Why Is The Sky Blue? Science Experiment. This is a great way for your students to visualize the answer to this question with a few simple supplies. Read more at:

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A hybrid elaboration and reduction workflow bolted onto a 5-stage design process. The ideation and experimentation phases are the design phase (see double diamond design method)


This makes me so happy!:) it bothers me so much when actors are rude to us techies or family refuses to come to the show because "they're just on crew". Excuse me, but without us, there IS no show. I love my job!


Wow! If the space allows, this is a fantastic idea! - LW


Meaningful Use Stage 2 Extension, MU Stage 3 Delay and New 2015 EHR Edition Certification Proposed | EMR and HIPAA

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".. but if you watch our music video for LOSER, you will know that we suffer through loneliness.. —Taeyang, 5-4-15


Love this Bloom’s Taxonomy poster… So nice to see it presented in a more meaningful way instead of inside a triangle. You can download them for free from Learning Today


What is 2D barcode (two-dimensional barcode)? - Definition from