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Meaning Of Weed

Thought this was a desert? It's a magic carpet of purple wildflowers (but these Scorpion Weeds come with their own bite)

The Mojave Desert, carpeted in wildflowers Field of flowers with butterflies in Greek 'ψυχή' which means soul. This is in the parallel (Purgatory) or heaven.


A platinum, gold, diamond and tsavorite garnet brooch by Tiffany & Co designed as a dandelion 'clock'; the dandelion means 'oracle' in the language of flowers, and has recently been voted the symbol of US army brats. (Christies)


Drugs are so taboo, people are ignorant of the positive effects they can have. Of course there are negatives too, but that doesn't mean just because a substance is labelled a 'Drug' it's automatically bad. Weed is a plant. Do your research!


Wedding Flowers A hurricane lamp at the center of this ring of beautiful roses and foliage means that the arrangement would be perfect for both daytime and evening. (Don't forget to check that your venue is willing to let you use candles)