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Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, a type of Morris Dance. The Horn Dance takes place in Staffordshire, England on Wakes Monday which is after Wakes Sunday, the first Sunday after 4 September.


Cleansing Mist Recipes

honeycoyote: “ this cleansing spray is great for either cleansing your altar or sacred space, especially when you are not able to burn sage or incense. What you’ll need: • A 4-ounce bottle with a...


How to Choose Beautiful Simple, Minimalist & Subtle Tattoos

Claim your Norwegian heritage! The Valknut (or Valnut in modern language) is a symbol of three interlocking triangles, symbolizing slain warriors. Vikings painted the symbols on their shields to call the Valkyrie to take them to Valhalla in the event they were killed in battle. In old Norse “valr” means slain warrior and “knut” means knot. More