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Meaning Of Jayden

150 Nice, Beautiful, And Cute Boy Names With Meanings


Won’t wake up.

writing prompt


Fc. Kendall Jenner) Hello, I'm Jayden! I'm 19 and a 5 from St. George. I'm a trapeze artist, which means I'm a mix between a gymnast and a dancer. My sister, who is a tightrope walker, and I train constantly. Our parents died years ago, leaving just us but it's alright, we make do. I'm sweet and bubbly, and I'm also bohemian! I can't wait for the selection


A tap on the shoulder. (PROMPTUARIUM » writing prompt)

You're leaving your favorite restaurant after eating breakfast when a stranger taps you on the shoulder. This tap leads to a conversation - and adventure- that leaves you with one item that you never thought you'd ever own.


To my bigger brother :) yeah you look mean and tough but your the nicest brother in the world plus you'll kick any guys butt if they hurt me ;) you protect me and tell me what's wrong and right and just for all that I wanna say I love my older brothers and thank them for everything <3


Track the growth of your Hot Wheels kids with a racer's take on a DIY growth chart. It looks totally amazing but is so simple to make. Learn how to make one yourself with step-by-step instructions here.


You left footprints on my heart, gold miscarriage necklace, infant loss, memorial for baby, stillborn gift, birthstone and initial disc

A shapeshifter befriends a lonely human multiple times throughout his or her life. But the human thinks it's a different person every time. One day, the human realises that all of heir friends have really been the same person.