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Junker - Never mind all the rapes, murder, terrorism and general crime and ruination of civilized life that is on the hands of this half drunken idiot, he's flagging up the fact one Polish person was murdered in Essex (I don't think it's even confirmed that racism was a motive). How glad I will be to see the back of corporate socialist creeps like this . . . if Brexit does mean Brexit.

Show How Much You Miss Him With These 32 #Miss #You #Quotes

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Alabama Pastor: People Not Standing For National Anthem Should Be Shot

Alabama pastor says people should be shot if they don’t stand for the national anthem. More of that Christian love from an ignorant and mean-spirited Alabama pastor.

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5 Seconds of Summer: 'Not cool enough?... I mean, what is that about?'

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The world of Harry Potter is full of intricacies and meaning. Like the amazing author she is, J.K. Rowling left much of the magical world to the imagination of the readers, providing only subtle hints as to the truth. These Tumblr users have put together some theories and scenarios that will change everything you thought about the world of "Harry Potter."

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32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

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I'm Suga. ^^ But smtsm I'm Jin (bcs I love food) J-Hope (bcs I scream and laugh very loud) RM (bcs I wonder the meaning of life) and JK (bcs I'm a meme, yes) hahahaha!