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Meaning of creepy

Wow I can't even XD Oh GOD!! I'm DYing..!! i mean.. Decomposing!! hahahhaha

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Abandoned. How could anyone EVER leave this window?……I CAN'T IMAGINE……I'D HAVE IT CAREFULLY DISMANTLED AND TAKE IT WITH ME TO MY NEW HOME………..ccp

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Fairy Tales Are Actually Scary…

"Once upon a time, and twice upon a time, and all times together as ever I heard tell of it…" Developing my interest in fairy tales by reading them, reblogging art and quotes, and occasionally posting rambling thoughts about them.

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Horrible people, but good movie. I think the only decent one in the bunch was Julia. Their characters I mean.

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Franz Falckenhaus

Representing the child in all of us, perhaps. This photomontage is quite creepy and dark, but packs a pretty powerful meaning behind it, however one may interpret it.

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The Next Big Thing? Interview: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

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This has a very specific meaning to it, with a nice use of mist and almost zero light to give a sense of style as well.

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