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Meaning Of Challenge

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

Just because you are a mum does not mean you cannot be fit. Finding time to train however is difficult. If you have to think about carving time to get to the gym, train, get back, shower and still fit in all the demands of being a mother then...

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30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge Chart / Fitness Challenge / Exercises / Abs / Flat tummy The heart is willing, but is the body ACTUALLY willing to do it?


Hand osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. This means that, in case of degenerative joint diseases, the cartilage covering at the end of the joints slowly begins to deteriorate.

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Train Like A Superhero (Literally)

A girl’s night out is given new meaning when you’re a masked crime fighter in a cape. Appropriately you need a fresh set of skills for this type of ‘going out’. If you’re ready to rock your body to the tune of your will then this is it. And just... More


Helping Children With Asthma Often Means Thinking Outside the Box Throughout the years, innovation has allowed us to overcome some of the toughest health challenges. From targeted therapies to fight cancer to advances i...