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And I wi continue to rise while you sit there bitching about how my life is compared to yours. Horrible human being!


Some people have no idea how they come across. They're too busy nitpicking you while making it crystal clear that they don't care about you. Release them. You deserve better.


Certainly not now after my experience in that workplace. Small minded, mean spirited.


Works Every Time...although I do think they have something to teach us! Compassion! People who lash out, gossip, & are mean spirited are usually very unhappy & insecure! No one with inner confidence & beauty treats others in this manner! Don't stoop to their level...and really, don't shy away from them! Let your own light shine! Just be Thankful, as my mother would say, that you don't have to take them with you home!

Quotes About Mean-Spirited People | ... to EVER hear me say something mean spirited about someone else