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In this article Mark Hyman, MD tells us how the 10-Day Detox Diet Plan can help you rehabilitate from being a ‪"sugar junkie".


This game teaches or reinforces multiplication arrays. Players take turns rolling the two dice and then coloring on the grid. The last person to fit their array on wins. The file has complete instructions, one variation, plus a grid to print out.

Geometry and Measurement 5th Grade Math Assessments Google Forms

STANDARDS BASED ASSESSMENTS - THAT GRADE THEMSELF! Standards that are included MD.1 - Converting Units has 4 quizzes (Customary Length, Customary Weight, Customary Capacity, and Metric Conversions) MD.2 - Line Plots MD.3, MD.4, and MD.5 - Volume G.1 and G.2 - Graphing Points G.3 and G.4 - 2D Shapes


GuardAxon 3.6 GuardAxon is a free program that is used to encrypt and decrypt files e.g. for safe transmission or transportation on removable media. The program uses the following encryption algorithms: BlowFish, Twofish, DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256. Selecting files to protection is very simple because GuardAxon uses the classic file manager. #privacy #encryption

Free Island Conquer: Area and Perimeter Math Game - CCSS Aligned 3.MD.5, 3.MD.6, and 3.MD.7 - Also excellent as an area and perimeter math review game for grades 4 and 5


2nd Grade - Adding Two Digit Numbers - CC 2.MD.5 (10s Frames option)

NOTE: This file is part of a NO FRILLS BUNDLE you might rather buy instead of just a single standard! =) This no frills practice is designed sp...