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Life Quotes Ru: Maybe this isn’t our time yet. I let fate decide. If we were meant to be, we’ll be together. Maybe not now. Maybe not yet. Visit for Life Quotes, Quotes on Life, Life Lesson for Girls, Quotes about Living Life, and Best Life Quotes.


Maybe when we are slightly older and have our shit together, i do miss you more then you'll ever know


Actually, I think we both went through EXACTLY who/what we needed to go through to be grateful for one another when we met. I remember him saying he felt like maybe, this was "God's wink" after a lot of disappointments. He was right. I couldn't have imagined I would be able to love someone who also allowed me to be completely myself, independent, do our own things...but be one unit. :)


BELEIVE IT OR NOT>>>> IM NOT INVISIBLE uuugggghhhhh why do you have to give me BS excuses and blow me off and shit. if you dont want me i just want the truth is that too much to ask?!?!?