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Darazah Sharif, near Ranipur, Pakistan - A small village, some 52 km from Khairpur, is known for the tomb of Sachal Sarmast who was a great master of Islamic learning, lived a pious life and composed poetry in Sindhi, Seraiki, Persian and Urdu. Sachal Sarmast's Urs is celebrated on 14th of Ramzan (9th month of Islamic lunar calendar).


Poetry Lesson... This would be a GREAT way for students to display a poem they have written - these would be beautiful hung on a poet-tree!


Lady Of The Night Illustration/ Poem by Don Blanding - 1935-This night I see a luminescent trail of powdered stardust, faint and pale, Across the sky like moths in flight. A crescent moon of phantom white, Is tangled in the filmy veil. My heart responds with quick delight, I greet The Lady of the Night.


Mum card. Changed the word to make it into a birthday card for my mum. Didn't have the stamps so drew the flowers freestyle. Looked great!


Good afternoon wherever you may be and welcome back to The Clash Blog. Been ages since we've talked hasn't it - and I take full responsibility for that. I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you the best of holidays whatever you care to celebrate or not celebrate as the case may be, more important than that I hope you have some time to spen