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Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses; drawing shows front and side views of the frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, maxillary sinus, and sphenoid sinus. The nasal cavity and pharynx (throat) are also shown.


Sinus Surgery & Recovery (So Far)

Hi all, I know it's been quite a while since I've updated the blog, and I apologize, I've had A LOT on my plate and just haven't been able to find time. (all photos are taken with an iPhone. Sorry, I could barely use that let alone my canon) Last week on Wednesday May 4th I had surgery at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in my hometown of Orillia, On. I had a deviated septum removed, sinus cysts removed, turbinates reduction & a procedure done to enlarge a maxillary sinus that was severely u...

CT scan showing a thin vertical slice through the face at the level of the eyelids. Air is black, bone is white, soft tissues and fluids are shades of grey. The frontal sinuses are the black spaces above the eyes. The ethmoid sinuses are the black spaces between the eyes. Between the cheeks, the grey pear-shaped bumps in the side walls of the nose are the inferior turbinates. The nasal septum is the vertical structure in the midline. This slice lies in just front of the maxillary sinuses, so…

Dentistry lectures for MFDS/MJDF/NBDE/ORE: Anatomical Landmarks Of Panoramic Radiographs......with ppt lecture note for download

Clinical Maxillary Sinus Elevation Surgery PDF

Clinical Maxillary Sinus Elevation Surgery PDF -


Often cancer requires aggressive ablative surgery resulting in the removal of extensive facial anatomy. Facial prosthetics technologies designed at the Center often provide sub-dermal anatomy such as the sinus and maxillary sinuses with superior palette and dentures. Designing facial prosthetics with prosthetic sinus airways often enables two-fold functionality – improved breathing and speech with supportive prosthetic retention.