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Ceramic poppy seed pods grouped in a garden VOIR ARCHINATURE:

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This one is just bloody terrifying full stop. Monsters hiding in closets or under the bed are a thing of nightmares for most kids. A skeletal type monster with crazy hair would definitely terrify me as child.

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This image is perhaps almost to dark in its representation, although there is certainly a dark thread running through the novel. However this simplistic representation of smoke and mirrors might be better aimed at the more mature spectrum of a YA readership. However that said I think the blue smoke could work well with the castle turrets perhaps edging out of the top. with the text layers then on top and centered.

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stunning portraiture. The other notable is that we are not used to thinking of sculptures as such, if they also combine paint. This is mostly because in the classical greek/roman sculptures, the paint has worn off exposing the material. Not because there wasnt paint to begin with.

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Maturation of the human brain

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