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Beatitudes: An Exposition of Matthew 5:1-12 by Thomas Watson ...

FREE Catholic Mass Bulletins and Coloring Pages! Beatitudes Matthew 5.1-12 Coloring Page Catholic Kids Bulletin

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God does immeasurably more for US. #splsermon Readings for January 6th Genesis 11:10-13:18 Matthew 5:21-42 Psalm 5:1-12

The BEATITUDES "Matthew 5:1-12 describe nine states of blessedness (deep-seated well-being) experienced by those who practice the ethics of the kingdom. Like the law, no one can keep the beatitudes perfectly. But they are the goal for all who would seek to live under God's rule." ~ Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah #Christians #blessed #teaching #Bible #time #God #Jesus #world #earth #parents #family #church #marriage #national #kids #teenagers #faith #life #nature #work #joy…

I pray that you see God today, and know how faith justifies your life. The Blood of Your Christ has reconciled your today. May you see and know newness of life today, because of the love at His cross. May you now be called the Children of God. (Matthew 5:1-12)

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Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them. He said: The Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12 THE BEATITUDES SERIES ~~ Image #1 of 11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click the link to see the entire graphic. Please don't forget to Like, Comment and Share the gospel!

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All Saints' Day: Facing Death (Matthew 5:1-12)

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 5:1-12

Sermon On The Mount - Matthew 5:1-12 | The Cat's Meow Village / Bible Story included on the back