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Kid's Math Talk Tools CCSS M.P. #3 construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.


Free!! Number Talks (math talks) basics and questioning/conversation strategies.


A really popular outdoor maths activity for FS1 that also promoted a lot of talk and PSED. Outdoor Maths Ideas - Twinkl Blog


The students in fourth grade use this chart to help them have a "Math Talk." The students are reminded to repeat what has been shared during the discussion. Then they state their opinion and explain why they are thinking that way. Other members of the class are encouraged to add on to the conversation. Finally, the students are encouraged to wait. The wait is a time for them to stop and THINK.


Math Talk Teacher poses questions to the students to lead the conversation. By changing the question from "What answer did you get?" to "How did you solve this problem?" the teacher is able to understand how the students are making sense of mathematics.


Math Talk Moves: A 5 Week Unit on Introducing Math Talk into your Routine

Black and White with Pops of Color

Education to the Core: Put Accountable Talk Statement Posters on the wall to remind children how to talk to each other!


Reset Math Mindsets

When students are engaged in solving hands-on math problems in context, sometimes they forget they're doing math. They’re moving, talking, and having fun. And in the end, it’s the teachers job to host a reflective discussion that helps students realize that they just tackled a complex math challenge. That last reflection component is the key to resetting kids’ math mindset.

Math Talk 101. I’ve learned Math Talk is simply a way for students to have meaningful student-to-student conversations about math while learning to respect and understand there is more than one way to correctly approach and solve a problem.


Schemochromes: the physics of structural plumage colors

I love talking about the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much more to it than visible light... and electromagnetic radiation is so darned useful.


Art that's a bit TOO cerebral? Student creates gorgeous Japanese-style paintings - from pictures of human brain cells

Dendrite- the bushy, branching extensions of a neuron that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body/ Axon- the extension of a neuron, ending in branching terminal fibers, through which messages pass to other neurons of to muscles or glands