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Puddle Jump: A Get Up and Move Math Game

Puddle Jump Numbers Game - great active math game and fun activity for mental maths

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Say It, Make It, Write It For Maths

Say It Make It Write It For Maths - how to use this FREE printable five different ways to create engaging maths centre activities in school for children aged 5-7 years | you clever monkey

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Maths challenge task. Count the spots to make the total. Copied from @Delideb1969

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Subtraction Squish

Looking for a fun way to practice subtraction facts? Here's a simple activity that mixes sensory play and using a number line when solving subtraction facts.

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Friends of Ten, 10 Facts, Subtraction and Addition Early Years Maths Activity.

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Skip Counting Lacing Plates (Living Life Intentionally)

Skip Counting Lacing Plates | Living Life Intentionally | Bloglovin’

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Straw and Pom Poms Counting Game

Pin-Straws and Pom Poms Math Counting Game for Preschoolers

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Homemade word dominoes game for CVC words

Homemade word dominoes game for CVC words for hands-on learning

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Get your nursery pupils learning colours with this idea. Put colourful items in a basket and ask them to put them on the matching plate.

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Counting, maths ideas in school, preschool, nursery

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