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I had no idea this existed - what a great data tracker! Can be used with common core or any other standards; teachers can upload and share common assessments, and there's now an Edmodo app for seamless integration.

There is an add-on specifically for Google Forms that will AUTOMATICALLY grade responses! It reduced my grading tremendously!

from Talibiddeen Jr. Companion Blog

Phonics Gameboard/Phonogram gameboard

Phonogram Gameboard. Use as a review or game board. Contains most of the phonograms. Download: phonics-gameboard


Connect four. I made a grid with painters tape on the floor. Then I put S.M. Clues on the back of sticky notes and put them face down in the squares. A team tosses their color bean bag on the square and then has 15 seconds to find the scripture. If they fail, the other team has 15 seconds to find the passage and win the square. The first team to have 4 in a row wins


Week 5 Howard Tangye 2014 Australian CSM teacher Gouache and black fine liner I enjoy the loose graphic silhouette in finer liner in contrast with the build up of gouache colour to fill the various spaces of the silhouette. It allows the viewer to literally fill in the gaps! The timid pose is accentuates by the unpredictability of the line work