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Lol don't worry master splinter. I would be freaking out too if Raph was driving like that


Master Splinter - TMNT - Skottie Young.. Can't remember if I posted this already but oh we'll, it's so awesome it's worth posting twice.. I absolute love the way skottie young does tmnt drawings

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The Only Thing That Could Make Pizza Rat More Viral Is This Ryan Adams Mashup

YES!!!!!!! Exactly what went through my mind!!! (just don't know how to make a meme).So true. funny blog [via imgur] #LOL #FUNNY

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Wicked Fantasy to rewrite classic fantasy races

MC had pet rats once? So is not scared of rat man even though she should probably be.


“What you think you know…” -Master Splinter - More at:

TMNT - Master Splinter, this would make an awesome T-shirt


*heavy breathing* *praises God* *knocks nervously* *tries to be gentle and not frantic*

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimalist T-Shirts

The heroes in a halfshell lose their shells - and just about everything else - as they go Minimalist on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimalist T-Shirts. Master Splinter's mutated students don't really look any differen