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Want long lashes? More curl? Here's the mascara brush you need

Never sure which mascara to buy? Here are a few tips for finding the right drugstore mascara wand for your lashes.

from POPSUGAR Beauty

How to Pick a Mascara Wand to Get the Eyelashes of Your Dreams

It's not all in the formula . . . Tips I found for mascara: Rub brush under hot water before use for easier application. Swirl brush in tube instead of pump, it makes it clump up. Mascara can double as liquid eyeliner, if you use the brush.

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28 Useful Charts To Make Your Makeup Easier

If you want to be a more professionable makeup diva, there is something you should know about makeups. In the gallery below, you can see 28 charts which will tell you some professional knowledge on how to choose the right foundation, how to conceal your dark circles, how to save the cracked powder, what the …


cool Disposable Silicone and Nylon Eyelash Mascara Wands Brush Set. 50 PC Black & Pink Variety Bulk Pack. PREMIUM QUALITY Cosmetic Eyelash Extension Spoolies Applicators - Makeup Tool Kit For Professional Beauty MUA - FREE Beauty eBook - By New8Beauty


Pack all your essential disposable beauty tools and products into this smart four-compartment organiser with lid. Beauty professionals recommend this organiser for storing disposable mascara wands, applicators and sponges. Box measure 25 x 8 x 10 cms. £12.99


Pink mascara wands to comb out your lash extensions. In a candy bowl for customers at Let's Lash an eyelash extension studio located in Scottdale, AZ.


Have you been hearing about the Younique 3D mascara but aren't clear how it works? Here is a close up of the 2 wands. The black transplanting gel first goes on like regular mascara. Then you lightly brush on the all natural green tea fibers. Followed by another coating of gel to seal in place until you wash your face! to order and Younique will send it right to your doorstep within 7 days!