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Because Tony secretly wants to be a father-figure to Peter

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Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #3 (Jul '84) cover by Mike Zeck & John Beatty

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The 14 Most Badass Toy Lines Of The ’80s

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DEADPOOL'S SECRET SECRET WARS Variant by Skottie Young and More Marvel Art

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Forget the circled ones loOK AT THE LINE ABOVE!!!! THE NETFLIX HEROES!!!!!!! (though I don't see aaron, maybe they're gonna keep him a secret, I really need quicksilver to come back)

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Headcanon: Steve was really freaked out when he saw Mace Windu in Star Wars. When he brought the resemblance to Fury, he just smiled and asked him ‘How do you think I lost this eye?’ No one knows whether or not he was joking

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