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About the Infinity Gauntlet; what powers does it have?

This is a mashup of comic book lore of powers and colours of Infinity stones with the Marvel movies they've featured on.

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Kevin Feige teases Doctor Strange's infinity stone

Will Marvel's next solo hero movie introduce another one of Thanos' infinity stones?

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Want a body like mine? You can try but you’ll never look as awesome as me. The LEGO Batman Movie in cinemas Feb 10.

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Howard the Duck, savior of the universe. That is all.  [Source:]

Who Will Fight in Marvel’s Infinity War?

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#starlord #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #funkofanatic #funko

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I just looked this up there's a limited series comic called The Twelve. The series stars 12 obscure characters from Marvel's earliest incarnation as Timely Comics from the 1940s

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Infinity Gauntlet Handchain -- ORIGINAL -- The Avengers Inspired -- Marvel Inspired -- Thanos -- Cosplay -- Infinity Stones

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