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Marvel Animation

"Wade? How the eff was I supposed to know you were gonna do that?" "BECAUSE WE ARE ONE SOUL IN TWO BODIES." "I'm 100% sure that's not true. And I think you got enough voices in there already." "TRAMP" "What?" "OH, NOTHING, HEY I KIND OF LIKE TALKING IN CAPITALS." "What?" "YOU OWE ME A SAVE PARKER." "<sigh> Next time warn me." "I SAID 'SPIDEY CATCH ME' - WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?"

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Reference of the century or what? -Deadpool trailer

Reference of the century or what? -Deadpool trailer .....MARVEL VERSES DC, MARVEL WINS

from ShortList Magazine

Greatest Superhero Gif Ever

Pretty cool, really awesome (also spans DC and Marvel, I can't pick one over the other) just wish there were 2; one for Avengers and X-Men (I wanna see Nat okay) and one for the Justice League (but we need the Titans so we can have Nightwing too)