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Martin Freeman's reaction to Sherlock losing to Downton Abbey. I love Amanda's reaction to his reaction! Hahaha (GIF)

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Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington looked dapper on the green carpet on 12 December 2012. (Hobbit)

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Amanda Abbington (Martin's wife) response to John being compared to a hedgehog. This is just magic! Bahahaah.

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""So it turns out Martin Freeman and his wife's children are in fact John and Sherlock." - This is priceless."

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"Martin Freeman, so humble." <---- HAHAHHA THIS COMMENT!! It is prolonged exposure to Sherlock

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Martin Freeman's reaction to Tumblr--Dear Lord, he reads this stuff with her?? I thought it was impossible to love them more!!!

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Why do they look sad!?! Why is she in black!?!? What is going on here?? They should be smiling! They're cute and need to look cute. Not sad!!! ^^^^ oh hon

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