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TV Celebrity Chef Martin Blunos Creates Aphrodisiac Recipe For Valentine's Day The popular Michelin-starred food maestro has newly-created tempting chocolate Buckfast Passion Pots with Hearty Treats. And the tasty dessert is guaranteed to set hearts aflutter as Buckfast Tonic Wine - one of the main ingredients - is regarded as an aphrodisiac in the West Indies. Martin, who has appeared on BBC1's Saturday... Expand this post »

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British celebrity chef Martin Blunos recently created the world’s most expensive cheese sandwich. Between the two slices of sourdough was a bespoke white truffle cheese, dressed with 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, “and then layered cheese, slices of quail’s egg, heirloom black tomato, epicure apple, and fresh figs.” All of this was then topped of with edible gold dust. The entire sandwich totaled a sum of £111.95 or roughly $178