Gingerbread House gift bag idea l cute little gingerbread houses made of paper bags. Using puffy paint, draw your desired design making it as simple or as complicated as you’d like. You can also have your kids draw on it with a white crayon or paint and decorate it with cute stickers. Once dried, fold opening of bag to form a triangle, punch two holes and tie with ribbon or twine. (Martha Stewart copy cat)

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A tree sprouting up indoors, sparkling with lights and ornaments, always looks magical. But the ones here have a fairy-tale wonder all their own, with glittery gems, snowflakes that never melt, and woodland birds with ribbons in their beaks. Most bewitching? The decorations are easy to make, so you can tell your own Christmas story.

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Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups look excellent but don't forget to top with Kam's Chili Sauce as not to taste dry...

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Jingle Bell Christmas Wreaths - These are so pretty and versatile as well as fun & easy to make - Jingle Bell Ring by Martha Stewart...x

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Remember these Pends! How to make pomanders: pierce skin of orange with skewer. Put whole cloves in holes. Put cinnamon in Ziploc. Shake pomander inside Ziploc until coated.

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Gingerbread Houses (recipe, pattern)...AND the secret to sticking the walls together. (Martha Stewart)

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