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The Ultimate Marshmallow Shooter Guns

Instructions and tips for making marshmallow shooter guns at a party! Great birthday party game idea! These are so inexpensive to do and use as a favor.

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PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun Blowgun DIY

PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun Blowgun DIYIn previous project, I made a PVC Blowgun Revolver. It is fun to play with and to shoot homemade darts into apples. The only downside was the difficulty of assembly. So I developed another version of this same concept that is easier to assemble. Today I introduce this Awesome PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun. It is made entirely out of PVC pipe and PVC cement. As with the last revolver, you turn the barrels by hand to align the pipes for shooting. The…

How To Make A Marshmallow Gun & Our 4th of July Booth

These are SO fun at family BBQs, family reunions, or just for the kids to play with! How To Make A Marshmallow Gun

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Instructions for a PVC Blowgun Revolver, it's possible we could make it out of hollowed out elder. A bit more interesting than a pencil to the older kids and a lot more thought involved!

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