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Flirts n Friends is a free online community for people who love to flirt. It's a cool friendly flirty flirt forum. Most of the members there are 30 something and older. Lots of wonderful friendships are made here daily. If you're bored at work or experiencing relationship problems....we can surely help. There are people from all over the US and UK! Please check out the friendliest flirt forum on the net.

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Free Married and Flirting Chat Forum!

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...Or to make it even more confusing the doctor's daughter who played the doctor's daughter and is also the doctor's wife who went to school with the doctor's daughter going back in time to flirt with King Arthur, who just so happens to have a manservant/sorcerer best friend who once took a journey with the doctor on a ship over a planet called Midnight

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I would so accept a date and some broccoli from a dude that did that for me, and I don't even like broccoli :P

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Free, Flirting Ecard: Yes, I know you're married & have a family, but we can still be friends...close friends...said the skank to the cheater

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Will Smith will ALWAYS be sexy! And there will NEVER be a sitcom show as good as "Fresh Prince".....NEVER! :(

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