Our husbands are imperfect, often frustrating, and sometimes disappointing human beings. Of, course, so are we (but that's not the point of this article, now, is it?). I knew my husband wasn't perfect when I married him, yet I still struggle to accept his imperfections with grace and humility. The problem is the fact that I tend to fixate on the things that disappoint me, the things that I wish I could change, rather than practicing thankfulness for the man I chose to marry. Thankfulness

If you sometimes feel like giving up on your marriage, try this. Stare at this image for FIVE SECONDS. Then say, "I'm Fighting FOR Love!" FIVE TIMES. Then make yourself do FIVE THINGS that show your spouse you love them. Finally, repeat this entire exercise sometime during the day for FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Then don't stop acting like you love them. Your feelings will eventually catch up to your actions. MARRIAGE TROUBLE? Mort Fertel can help! http://www.mortfertel.com/cmd.asp?af=1494935

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As humans, we are not meant to be isolated. We all crave deep and lasting connections with other people. But we know it’s possible to feel alone in the middle of a crowd, and it’s possible to sleep in the same bed with someone for years and still feel lonely. Many of us never expect to […]

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How I Knew I Needed To Get A Divorce- It took me 4 years to get the courage to break the news to my husband that I wanted a divorce. Here's why I did it.

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