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23 Charts to Make Everyone Feel Happier

Build and Maintain Healthy Relationships


Its not easy but repeating and reminding each day might change a habit The 3 R’s…

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How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over

Dig and you will find what was lost...

from Equipping Godly Women

How Do I Respect My Husband When He's a Jerk?

Finally! An article about how to respect your husband written for people with husbands who aren't perfect! This really helped a ton.

from Equipping Godly Women

10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Fun Again

These are such fun ideas! I definitely need to start doing more of these in my…


How to Create Bedtime Rituals that Will Nurture Your Marriage - Think back to when you were newlyweds - bedtime was exciting, looked forward to, and special. Fast forward ten, twenty, or forty years later, and you may have unintentionally slipped into some bedtime habits that aren't helping your marriage. In fact, they may be hurting it. Do you and your spouse go to bed at different times? Spend time surfing the internet or social media on your phones instead of connecting, or sleep in…

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My Story

Infidelity and restoration: How my marriage survived when it had every reason to fail.

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Daily Habits to Make Your Marriage Stronger

These are excellent. I would add praying together!!