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Who didn't love the Marlboro man? cigarette adds were everywhere...He died of cancer not long ago,,,,message there...;]]]]


smoking non smoking - this is a cool ad

from Taringa!

¿Tenes Ganas de Fumar?

When cigs were advertised on TV if only smoking was good for you!


Marlboro Man, Marlboro Cigarettes, Leo Burnett, Marlboro, Print, Outdoor


Clarence Hailey Long, Jr, the original marlboro man - Paduca, TX


1975 I hate everything about smoking and never have done it but I certainly remember these ads and the Marlboro Man!


Marlboro man, 2, Marlboro Cigarettes, Leo Burnett, Marlboro, Print, Outdoor

from ENC1101-51 Fall 2009 Paper #3 Project

Misleading Man

Marlboro, the way I look at it ; You did not have to smoke if you did not want too. So quit winning!!


1972 Marlboro ad ______ Everybody smoked. Most peoples parents smoked too. The doctors smoked and would recommend it to people to 'soothe their nerves'. So it was a rite of passage from being a child to teen -- to try it, buy it .. Everyone smoked. Hard to imagine now, but it was such a social chatty sharing, way to break the ice etc... thing. OH. the Marlboro Man died of Cancer.