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Coincidence or not? Very happy to see when our company values match with our customers values “A Better Life - A Better World” it's a brand slogan of Panasonic and this month we are very proud to add them on the list of our trusted customers.... #Panasonic #SmartHome #valuedcustomer #Canper

Peanut Treets. Caramelized Peanutty loveliness in a yellow bag. #treets #chocolate #1970s

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Go to Work on an Egg (1964) #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists


polos from the post office after popping into Pecks to get 5p off Nana


*Bodhichitta practice, Slogan 74: Letting the world speak for itself (“Don’t Misinterpret”)* ♥When you open the door and invite in all sentient beings as your guests, you have to drop your agenda♥What was very beneficial to one person doesn’t work with the next or the next♥Coming up with a formula won’t work♥Clarity and decisiveness is required and it comes from willingness to slow down, to listen to and look at what’s happening♥ ♥--Pema Chodron

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