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THE MARI LWYD (in Welsh, Y Fari Lwyd) is one of the strangest and most ancient of a number of customs with which people in Glamorgan and Gwent used to mark the passing of the darkest days of midwinter.the tradition involves the arrival of the horse and its party at the door of the house or pub, where they sing several introductory verses.challenges and insults in rhyme. At the end of the battlethe Mari party enters with another song.


Hatshepsut (Hatshepsowe), one of the rare women pharaohs of Egypt, had a long and successful reign marked by remarkable building projects and lucrative trading expeditions. She campaigned in Nubia (perhaps not in person), sent a fleet of ships to the land of Punt, and had an impressive temple and mortuary complex built in the Valley of the Kings Karima and i went to her shrine.


The maker is Mark Thomas, Shenandoah Valley, Virgina and it has the original 13 colonies depicted on the snake that wraps around the handle. FYI This hawk sold for $1500.00.

Square seal depicting a nude male deity with three faces, seated in yogic position on a throne, wearing bangles on both arms and an elaborate headdress. Five symbols of the Indus script appear on either side of the headdress which is made of two outward projecting buffalo style curved horns, with two upward projecting points. A single branch with three pipal leaves rises from the middle of the headdress.

LARP - LRP Mythlore New Lands event - Guardian of The Valley of Kings - Photograph courtesy & © Roy Smallpage 2012 Costume created by Mark Cordory Creations


'Body of Proof': Dana Delany reunites with Mark Valley for Season 3