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St Mark The evangilist Icon painted in egg-tempera on wood prepared with linen and gesso. Subject: St Mark seated in front of a stylised architectural setting, his gospel and writing desk by his right knee; above his head in a hemisphere is the symbol of the evangelist, the eagle with a book in its claws.


An antique gold, enamel and diamond-set pendant, circa 1880 in the form of a cross centering a reliquary (empty) with rose and old mine-cut diamonds, lapis lazuli and enamel detail representing four apostles, Mark with the lion, Matthew with the angel (obliterated), John with the eagle, and Luke with the bull


Book of Deer - Portrait of Mark the Evangelist.- Most famous for being the earliest surviving Gaelic literature from Scotland. It may be the oldest surviving manuscript produced in Scotland (from Lowland area).The Latin text has portions of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, a portion of an Office for the Visitation of the Sick, the complete text of the Gospel of John, and the Apostles' Creed.The texts are written in an Irish minuscule text, apparently by a single scribe.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics. Holy Bible...signed copy?? I'm a bit skeptical


Today's #ManuscriptMonday word is 'Scribe'. A person engaged in the physical writing of books or documents. A number of scribes were also artists. In Antiquity, scribes and notaries constituted a professional class.


Illuminated Manuscript - BOOK OF KELLS: SAINT MARK. St Mark's symbol. Folio 27v detail. Hiberno-Saxon manuscript, c800 A.D.